Top Ten Ways WWE Can Make It Up To Us For Delaying Emmalina's Debut

Image courtesy of WWE.com

Image courtesy of WWE.com

10. Emma and Alicia Fox team up together to go on a Harley and Ivy/Thelma and Louise style crime spree backstage, punching out Noam Darr and interrupting all other male superstar interview segments with Scissor Kicks and Michinoku Drivers. 

9. Tenille Dashwood is revealed to be a super secret agent who went under deep cover as Emmalina when she was conscripted into service for her adopted country. RAW has a series of weekly vignettes featuring of her chasing international super villains, picking locks with hairpins, and catching throwing knives between her teeth.

8. Emma shows up on Smackdown Live, challenges Alexa Bliss for the women's title, wins it, and picks up where she left off with Becky back in (gasp) May.  

7. Chris Jericho takes off his mask and reveals that it was (gasp) Emma the whole time, and that Emmalina was just a carefully devised illusion to throw people off the trail. The real Chris Jericho is being held hostage to mess with the RAW ratings, and Emma and Kevin Owens team up to rescue him. Chris Jericho is overjoyed to be rescued, and takes them out for burgers and fries to celebrate.

6.  Emma reunites with her old protege Dana Brooke. Dana feels torn between her desire to help Emma, and her loyalty to Charlotte. Charlotte does not take kindly to being abandoned, and challenges Emma to a match over who will win Dana's loyalty. Charlotte tries to cheat, but Emma wins, and Dana escapes with her happily, carrying her sunglasses.

5. Emmalina debuts on RAW. She has a match. It's twelve minutes long, not counting commercials. She wins.

4. Emmalina and Tyler Breeze form an alliance called the Super Good Looking People (because Beautiful People was apparently taken.) Fandango feels hurt and left out, and it becomes the catalyst in his confession of his feelings for Tyler. Breezango sort through their feelings and make out on the announce table while Emmalina has a no DQ, falls count anywhere match with Becky Lynch. 

3. Emmalina and Sasha Banks have a wrestling match. There are no giant photos of them in swimsuits because they are wrestlers, not models, and they do not need to wear swimsuits in order to wrestle.

2. Emmalina and Paige acknowledge their shared history as competitors in the NXT Women's division, and unite as a tag team so they can compete for the brand new WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. 
1. Emmalina puts on her sunglasses, the Michael Jackson cutoff gloves, and the Vegeta shoulder pads from Wrestlemania 32. She wins the Royal Rumble. All is forgiven.